Free iSeries Sales Tax Calculator Software

June 21,2018 - The Supreme Court of the United States announced its ruling in the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair. This ruling will affect the collection and remittance of sales tax for every retailer of interstate commerce. To learn more about the case, the ruling, how it may affect you, and how can help, CLICK HERE.

  • Fully self contained iSeries resident system
  • Cost effective alternative to Avalara and Vertex
  • Ready for the Marketplace Fairness Act*
    and South Dakota v. Wayfair
  • API makes integration into existing systems simple
  • Computes and records taxes separately for each authority
  • Date specific tax tables computes rates based on date of sale
  • Product and service specific rates where applicable
  • Compiles remittances for all collected taxes
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly remittance scheduling by authority

See for yourself. Enter a location and and an amount and click submit. Your request will be processed on our iSeries using the same API that you can call from your sales and invoicing programs.

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In addition to sales tax, the tax calculator can be used to compute and report other consumer taxes such as food and beverage tax, lodging tax, rental tax, network access tax, fuel/alcohol/tobacco excise tax, etc. The multi-national support built into the tax calculator makes it possible to extend tax calculations and reporting anywhere in the world.

Click here for more technical information about the tax calculator.

           ____________________________________________ can help you with with the integration of the tax calculator into your systems. Programming services are available at our standard hourly rates. However, phone support is free for licensed users with a current maintenance agreement.


* The Marketplace Fairness Act is a bill under consideration in the U.S. Congress which would lift the current restrictions on interstate sales tax collections. That could make you responsible to collect and remit sales taxes for every state, county and city to which you make a sale.

Whether sales tax accounting is a problem now or a concern for the future, integrating the Sales Tax Calculator into your existing systems will give you the tools you need to simply and effectively manage all your sales tax processing.


** UNSPSC is an international product and services coding system devloped by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and used by the tax calculator to identify taxable and non-taxable products and services. A built-in conversion table allows you to reference UNSPSC codes using your existing billing codes.