Free iSeries Accounting System

The Integrated Accounting System (IAS) provides everything your enterprise needs in a core business suite. The system was designed to work with your industry-specific applications. Full source allows you to make any modifications you want. With IAS you can quickly and economically build a customized IT infrastructure based on the dependable and secure iSeries platform.

Accounts Payable

  • Multiple Vendor Product Pricing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • PO Receipt and Manual Vouchers
  • Check and EFT Payments
  • 1099 Reporting, Electronic Filing

Accounts Receivable

  • Order Entry and Fulfillment
  • Shipping Charge Calculator
  • Sales Tax Calculator **
  • Invoicing and Statements
  • Receipt Processing
  • Credit and Collections
  • Standing Orders for Contract Sales
  • Recurring Invoices for Contract Billing
  • Notes Receivable for Installment Sales
    Click here for an amortization calculator


  • Multi-Payroll Processing
  • Tabled Federal, State, and Local Taxes
    Click here for a tax deduction calculator
  • Checks and ACH Direct Deposits
  • Earned Hour Tracking
  • Employee Benefit Accounting
  • 941 and W2 Reporting, Electronic Filing
  • Canadian Payroll Support

Inventory Control

  • Multi-Location/Multi-Level Item Control
  • Regular, Shelf-Stock, Non-Stock, Just-In-Time,
    and Equipment Inventories
  • FIFO and LIFO Accounting Methods
  • Automatic Stock Level Triggers
  • A/P Purchase Order/Receipts Interface
  • A/R Order Entry/Order Fulfillment Interface

Fixed Assets

  • Straight Line, Sum-of-the-Years Digits, 200%, 175%,
    150%, and 125% Declining Balance Formulas
    Click here for a depreciation calculator
  • User-Defined Ledger and Tax Depreciation Schedules
    (90+ pre-defined tax tables included)
  • Current and Projected Depreciation Ledgers
  • A/P Purchase Order Asset Cost Tracking
  • Trade-In and Carry-Over Asset Accounting

General Ledger

  • Flexible Calendaring and Period-End Processing
  • Integrated into every system operation
  • On-line Drill Down Capability
  • Statistical Ledgers for Company Metrics
  • Weighted Income and Expense Budgeting
  • User Defined Enterprise Financial Statement Writer

EDI Integration

  • 850 Purchase Orders
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements
  • 856 Shipment Notifications
  • 810 Invoices

Purging and Archiving

  • User Controlled Purge Criteria
  • Permanent Record Formats for Archived Data
  • Purge Data Indexes for Retrieval of Archived Data
  • Compliant With Sarbanes-Oxley Data Retention Requirements


Click here to view images of the accounting system menus.

Click here for links to accounting implementation documents.


** Sales taxes in IAS can be computed from either user maintained tax tables or the Sales Tax Calculator. Where sales are limited to the local area, user maintained tax tables work well. However, for users that make sales across a large geographic area, or want help with tax remittance processing, the Sales Tax Calculator can be used to manage all your U.S. and Canadaian sales taxes.